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In 2020, IGNITE 3:16 was started with a heart to reach children with the Gospel! As the world around us changes, reaching children as early as possible is necessary. We are focused on impacting the world by reaching all kids and youth with the Gospel!


IGNITE 3:16 was created by a group with a lot of experience in multiple organizations and churches focused on children and youth.  This group wanted to create a ministry that stayed true to God’s Word and partnered with other believers to reach children.  Our heart and desire are to equip and enable others with tools that enable them to see how God will use them in great and mighty ways to reach the next generation!


Reach the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The heartbeat of IGNITE 3:16 is the development of Christian leaders who are grounded in their faith and are willing to share the Good News of Jesus with children. These leaders then evangelize and disciple.  This is accomplished through camps, events, clubs, and collaborative ministry projects which enable Christians of all ages to be trained for service to the children. Through a variety of ministry opportunities, they discover how to use their spiritual gifts and talents to make an impact on the Kingdom and reach children!

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